about us

Step inside our cozy, patisserie and you instantly feel a connection with the old-world charms of Europe. From our glass-encased display of sugary pastries to our refrigerated display of fine pastries, Petite Patisserie’s ambience and design are pure French mixed with anItalian vibe. “We create an experience for customers, as well as our workers,” says Liliana. “Everything is out in the open so people can talk with me while I roll out dough.”

Choose an intimate table for two or relax in our living room style sitting where you can relax with a magazine or play a game of chess with your friend or a complete stranger, while sipping on a cup of late o’lait.

We use only the best ingredients available and build our menu around fresh and local seasonal produce available.

  • We use the finest non-GMO imported flour.
  • We proudly serve Portland Roasting Coffee.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice