I went there with my son this morning, and it was a wonderful experience. The place is small and quiet, tucked kind of behind the Urgent Care center. Once you get in, you are presented with a cozy front area, a counter full of tasty-looking treats, and view into the large kitchen that the business seems to still be growing into.

I ordered a “fromage & berry bundle” which was just the tastiest treat ever. Light, fluffy bread surrounding sweet cheese & mixed berries inside. My son had a cinnamon roll – also fresh, soft, & delightful.

I’m so excited to have a quality bakery in Happy Valley – our community needs more food made by people who love what they make, and this patisserie obviously fits that description. Next time we’ll be trying the crepes or sandwiches. If it’s anything like the pastries we had today, this will become one of those places I have to resist going to on a daily basis.

Dave S.
Happy Valley, OR